Mail Chimp

Have you ever wanted to send out a professional looking email to a large sized group, but haven’t been sure how to do it? This month I’m going to introduce you to Mail Chimp, an easy and free web program that allows to you to design professional looking newsletters and email them to a multiple recipients. Continue reading »

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Windows 8

Have you heard about Windows 8 (W8)? Well, if you haven’t, here is a short introduction for you.
Microsoft officially launched W8 on December 27, 2012 and it is available in Cambodia for the licensed sales already. However, the W8 tablet is still on back order. I tested the W8 on in Canada during the holidays and the Microsoft Surface tablet is really attractive. The idea that you can have both tablet/PC is very cool. However, the device is a bit heavy and the price range is insane. A decent configuration including 64GB storage and attached keyboard is almost US$1000 after tax. Continue reading »

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We’ve Moved

NETPRO Cambodia has moved office. You can now find us at House 116, Street 113. We’re just across the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, almost opposite the former entrance gate. You can find us by looking for the bright orange gate.

New NETPRO Office Map


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Encrypt It Forget It!

I’ve heard so many thefts in Phnom Penh and the complication of losing a personal laptop. Your files and information are very important and private. Even though your computer is password protected questions still arrive about the person who took the computer or bought it from someone has the ability to get to your data or not. This article will tell you about the second layer of defense against stolen laptops or hard drives. Continue reading »

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How to Clone a Hard Drive

Cloning a computer hard drive will make an identical copy of your current drive to another one. Let me try to explain you why this topic might be useful when talking to your IT guy about transferring or backing up your computer. As easy as it may be, you could also do it by yourself! Continue reading »

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